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Complete guide to setting up Teamspeak 3 for Global Conflict tournament

This guide will step you through everything you need to know about using Teamspeak 3 in Global Conflict in a few simple steps. It consists of two parts; basic guide which lets you connect to our Teamspeak server and enables you to communicate with other members during battledays and advanced guide for Squad leaders, Field commanders and the High command. For most people basic guide is sufficient.

    How to connect

  • First you will need to download Teamspeak 3 client. Install using default settings but be sure to select Push-To-Talk during the setup as it's mandatory.

  • Run Teamspeak and click Bookmark -> Manage Bookmarks ->Add Bookmark

  • Fill all the fields using ts.global-conflict.org as the 'Address' and gcfun as the 'Server Password'.

    It should now look like the image beneath. Be sure to use your own nickname though ;)

  • Click Apply and then OK

  • Finally click the newly created bookmark and connect!

If Teamspeak sounds are distracting to you, they can be disabled by clicking More -> Sound Pack: Sounds deactivated

This concludes our basic guide. At this point, you are ready to use Teamspeak in Global Conflict! Everything else on this page is optional. For instructions on how to set up some more advanced Teamspeak functions, continue down the page.

Setting up whisper keys

Channel commander
This hotkey is used by Squad leaders to communicate with each other and with Field commander and vice versa.

  • Click Tools -> Whisper Lists

  • Then click New and select your whisper hotkey

  • Under 'Whisper to' select Groups

  • Under 'Group Whisper Type' select Channel Commander

  • Under 'Group Whisper Target' select Complete Channel Family

  • Then click OK

HC and FC --> army
This hotkey is used by High command and primarily Field commander to address the whole army when squads are scattered in different channels.

  • Click New and select your whisper hotkey

  • Under 'Whisper to' select Groups

  • Under 'Group Whisper Type' select Channel Group -> Global Conflict -> Guest

  • Under 'Group whisper target' select Channel Family

  • Then click OK

HC <--> HC of the same army
This hotkey is used by High command to communicate with other High command members of the same army.

  • Click New and select your whisper hotkey

  • Under 'Whisper to' select Clients & Channels

  • In the third, rightmost block click Global Conflict -> Clients

  • Now drag all the HC members in the middle block one by one

HC <--> TA
This hotkey is strictly used by High commands of the two armies to communicate with Tournament administrators.

  • Click New and select your whisper hotkey

  • Under 'Whisper to' select Groups

  • Under 'Group Whisper Type' select Server Group -> Global Conflict -> TA

  • Under 'Group whisper target' select All Channels

  • Then click OK


Reply Hotkey
Note: this secondary hotkey can only be used to reply to the last whisper you have received. When the hotkey is set it applies to all whisper lists you've previously set but only as a secondary, backup hotkey.

This hotkey is useful in a situation when somebody says something to you but you don't recognize the speaker's voice or you don't have a whisper hotkey set to that person. To set it up just open one of your whisper lists and add a secondary hotkey for your Reply hotkey.

3D positional audio
Note: this setting has nothing to do with position of your squad mates in game.

What this does is gives you an option to manipulate your squad channel mates' voices. For example you want your squad leader to be heard like he is in front of you. To set it up go to 'Settings' -> 'Options' -> 'Playback' and tick Always set 3D clients when available then go inside the channel where you want to set up 3D, right-click the channel and select Setup 3D sound.

Change default channel on connect

You can change the default channel when you connect to our TS which is currently the 'Welcome Channel'.
To do this first go into the channel that you want it to be your default channel, then select your bookmark, click More and under 'Default Channel' press the Refresh button (two green arrows). Click Apply and then OK