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The History of Global-Conflict
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Campaign 2

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View the latest post S.L.O.T.H. wins RS2C2!

Congratulations to S.L.O.T.H. for winning our second campaign of Rising Storm 2. :clap: :clap: :clap:

After 9 Battle Days and a number of closely fought matches, Ghost Eagle lost the campaign, giving Sloth his second ever win in GC!

I want to thank everyone in GC for making this campaign as much fun as it was. Both Generals and their respective HCs did fantastic work and have my gratitude for working well with their counterparts and us TAs, to make this campaign run smoothly.

Special thanks go to my co-TA Insanity for doing all he did and of course Gwyn, for picking up my slack when neither Insanity nor I were here.

Well done, everyone! Hope to see you all again next campaign! :thumbup:

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View the latest post Spiders and Bots

I spent a couple hours deleting obvious spam user accounts most of which were Russian or were linked to Russian web sites. I also implemented a large ban list for web spiders and bots. Didn't ban google, yahoo, bing etc but rather the sites that pump search rankings which is the reason for the fake accounts adding garbage to our forums trying to boost clients search results across the web.

New user accounts that add URLs to their profile that are not game related (people use to link to their battlelog profile) will be deleted if there is no evidence they are real people contributing to the community.

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View the latest post Forums should be working again.

With the help of Tubesteak (he honestly did everything) the forums should be fixed. However posts since Friday the 26th are gone. Please repost battle results from Saturday the 27th. Gwynser, please re-update the Captcha if it needs it.

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