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The History of Global-Conflict

Standard Battle Time (SBT):
Saturday: SBT to SBT+6
SBT = 10a Pacific, 12p Central, 1p Eastern, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 BST, 19:00 CET
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Campaign 2

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View the latest post RS2C2 Draft is open!

Yes, you've read that right. After some major difficulties with ABC, it's now back to working again. Wich means we can finally open the actual draft.

Plaese sign up as soon as you can and get ready for the 1st scrim funday next Saturday @SBT. We're gonna use it to get back into the game and do some testing on the new maps we've added.

Scrim #1 will be on the 16th after the army picks have been announced.

Since the holidays are coming up and we don't expect too many people to show on either the 23rd/24th, or the 30th/31st, we're gonna have a two week break and start the campaign proper with a BFI on the 6th of January.

Until then, don't forget to sign up and have a good one :thumbup:


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View the latest post RS2C2 Interest Survey

Hey All,

We have created a survey for next campaign that we'd appreciate everyone to take the time to fill out. We're quite eager to see who is willing to do what, I think there's exciting times ahead for next campaign.


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View the latest post RS2C2 Generals Announcement


It is my pleasure to announce that we've found some able volunteers and are ready to announce Campaign 2 for Rising Storm 2! The matchup will be *insert drumroll*:

A Docile Sloth VS Wi1D K4rD

They will be supported by an initial TA group of Gonzo and InsanityRocks, with further TA, HC and Officer decisions to still be made. I'd like to be the first to wish everyone involved in organising this campaign the best of luck, I know I'm looking forward to playing in this campaign!

This campaign the Generals have the intention of bringing back a RISK! system, bringing GC back to its roots. I'm sure that as they begin to finalise the system the information will be made available as we ramp up to the campaign going ahead. Use the next few weeks to talk up GC to online buddies and stranger so we can get into the campaign with a full server. :D

Over the next week expect to see the current army forums and usergroups move to the archives. Most of the archives are publicly available, you just have to sign up to the Archive / Historian usergroup on your forum User CP. I always find it interesting to look through the other armies archives at the end of the campaign.

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