5th august [despair day count to campaign] 1964

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5th august [despair day count to campaign] 1964

Post by Digz » Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:54 pm

In a response to Gulf of Tonkin incident Operation Pierce Arrow
was a series of air missions ran on 5th august 1964.

the Gulf of Tonkin incident which today is being mainstream labeled as totally made up event after years of it
being spoken only as a conspiracy theory by radicals. the whole event leading to the Vietnam war
is now labeled as "fake news", a made up event, an excuse to start the war, was then taken
by the Media and the nation just as the bombing of the barracks in Beirut or 9/11 or the attack on pearl harbor
as direct hostile attack and threat on the american armed forces.

And as such, Operation Pierce Arrow took place on august 5th 1964 contained of 64 bombing strike sorties
flawn from american carriers at the beginning of the war, which back then of course didn't had the bases and runways on the ground, yet.

2 aircraft were lost in these raids, hit by anti air ground fire. one american pilot killed and the other became the first american P.O.W. of the conflict. he was freed only in 1973!

but he had a lot of time to base his "1st in line" in the 1st freedom bird going back to the states. and almost a year alone being the only aviator imprisoned.

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