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What is Global Conflict? Our mission statement

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What is Global Conflict? Our mission statement

Postby StarfisherEcho » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:39 pm

Global Conflict is a community of gamers who want to have fun playing organized 32 v 32 Battlefield. We draw our members from all over the world and at every skill level, from novice to competitive gamer. We welcome anyone who's looking for some fun, team-oriented Battlefield to join the conflict. At GC, everyone is treated with respect and given their chance to play.

Our tournament centers around two armies fighting for domination in a series of battles making up a campaign. Each army is lead by trusted members of the community and organized to compete on the battleday. Armies train, plan and play together, hoping that their efforts will earn them victory over their opponents.

But here at GC, victory is not everything. We believe that the best rounds are the ones that go down to a single ticket and leave everyone wanting more Battlefield; the thrill of the competition is where we find our enjoyment, not stomping our opponent. We play hard on the battleday, but we always remember that when the shooting stops, our enemies will become our friends. Our ultimate goal is a tight knit community that wants to keep playing campaign after campaign, and that means making sure everyone is having fun!


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