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Postby Róka » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:08 am

So I'm going to start looking into a nice laptop or try to customize a good one but I really need help with leads on what to be on the lookout for and more ideal things to keep in mind. I definitely want a powerful one and although I won't be buying it aways from now I'd like to keep the budget under $2500 (I mean 1000 would be great but just visiting a few laptop builder sites kinda scared me). What kind of specific displays should I be looking at? Video cards (nVidia)? Is it somewhat necessary to have >2GB video memory? CPUs and coolers? Anything new coming out that I might be interested holding up for? Brand of memory (just sticking with 8GB/16GB)? Hard drives actually inside and ssds? Also needs to have a webcam. I know GPU, CPU, and RAM are the main things to consider but there are so many jumps in the prices and even at that with moderately recent series everything is high-priced for laptops - I need a bit of guidance and suggestions.
Thanks for any help. :D

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Re: Laptoparino

Postby sushi » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:27 am

Give us some idea what you want to do with your laptop. Officework, traveling, gaming??? Depending on that you will have to decide on the general layout. If you have ever carried around a laptop incl. cable over the course of a day you will go for a lightweight solution. If you plan to carry it from the kitchen to the garden only weight might not be a key factor.

Out of own experience, you should go for a laptop graphic card. When I started playing BF42 I used a laptop with an ordinary graphic card that only displayed its full resolution when being plugged in. Also it needed extreme cooling=the fan is loud. (no clue if this applies for nowadayslaptops anymore)


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Re: Laptoparino

Postby Jokerle » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:35 am

u really want a gaming latop? (= heavy, large and hot, and not actual a laptop?)

get a SSD, forget everything else. Buy an external hdd for porn and music (even better a network driver, like a NAS).
500GB are not that expensive anymore. Around 250gb should also be fine if you dont play 10 games at once.

2GB vram is fine for a laptop. I would go with 16GB it is not really that much more expensive. Most brands are fine.

No idea where NA folks buy they often ridiculous cheap stuff, though.
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Re: Laptoparino

Postby Necromancer » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:02 am

MSI sells laptop barebones if you're into building one yourself. Its not exactly as building a PC as most of it comes with the barebones, and is not necessary cheaper.

you can find some good deals on laptops every now and then, especially in the US.

There are adapter kits converting the optical bay to HDD mount, though you need to find a kit that suits your laptop.
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