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Battlefield V Who's in?

Discuss the campaign and all things BF.

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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby Fields » Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:56 am

GrimRenegade wrote:I came here hoping that GC was going to be running another campaign for BFV since I actually like this Battlefield game most of the time.

If anyone wants to play ever, feel free to add me, GrimRenegade.

It's still a possibility in the future, but currently the game lacks the support for player run servers and server controls to even afford us the possibility.

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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby elchino7 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:28 pm

I'm still lurking by from time to time. I saw this on a recent AMA

"Unfortunately we don't have any word on this right now. We know RSP is important to the community and we are looking into options."

That been said, i'll say the game has potential but i'm pessimistic in that it will just have 2 years of life total while waiting for most features to be released. Infantry gameplay feels great, although a bit too high in the TTK department. Also, playing with ping is "impossible" since BF1. SMGs (aka medic) pre patch is UP. Recon is shitty overall (weapon and gadgets), cause any semi auto from the assault with x3 can do basically the same. For pubs, playing on a squad is more than enough for revives and more so if you use the health boxes.

Land vehicle combat right now is a mess. It's the BF1 style (camping with tanks 2km away from action) while not having the same power on the main gun. MGs are preeeety good although. Criticals are a mess IMO, which causes things like panzerfaust doing naughty damage when hitting frontally at certain point.

Air vehicles and vehicle customization overall. Much of what i'm saying has probably changed in today's patch. While you have great upgrades to unlock for tanks, it's day and night when we talk about airplanes and i REALLY HATE it. It makes me appreciate the format of BF1 vehicle loadouts.
For example: say you had no vehicle upgrades on jets in BF3. Your MG dealt the same dmg, the mobility was the same. Now compared to BF V, you have to grind out those first upgrades ASAP or even the last ones to do great. Spitfire at lv1 has a joke MG, but once you get past it you can start to melt bombers. I went from sub 15 kills with basic Ju88 bombs to farming +90kills when getting the 32x50Kg bombs.
I'm not fond in the idea of grinding the Greyhound, 2 Valentines, 2 Churchills, PIV, P38, Tiger and the 10 planes individually.

Not sure if i hate the people who play Conquest, or the current "comeback" mechanic. I'm having more fun just playing Frontline/Operations overall.

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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby RazY70 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:34 am

elchino7 wrote:... the current "comeback" mechanic.

What's the current comeback mechanics?

Edit: Never mind, I found it. I should have known not to trust DICE when they said they were getting the old system back (and of course it had to be a hidden game mechanic). What next DICE, aim bots on demand for players with bad aim?
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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby Bock » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:22 pm

What's the deal with game devs and comeback mechanics? I can't think of an example of one that was actually widely liked by the community.
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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby Divine-Sneaker » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:57 pm

Game devs apparently have some sort of fetish when it comes to catering to the lowest common denominator. Shitters absolutely have to be able to be forcefed positive reinforcement through some sort of twisted vidyagame communism concept that developers seemt to revere.

It's honestly fraking retarded. Let a spade be a spade, and allow people to know they're crap so that they can actually improve.

I'd like to sound more optimistic, but I'm too crap at that to pretend.
"fraking game mechanics"

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Re: Battlefield V Who's in?

Postby A Docile Sloth » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:00 am

I would have thought it's because people like close rounds and don't like being steamrolled. Apply a catch up to make more close rounds and prevent the appearance of steamrolling.

I see where it comes from, but it ignores the fact that close rounds are liked because the teams are even not because the score is and steamrolling is disliked because teams aren't even. If only we had community run servers where you'd stick around because of the people who played there which made the teams even(ish) or devs worked to balance match making properly for the lazy folk.

Hopefully they haven't balanced the catch up badly so even matches get won by steamroll by the team that was just behind. Looking at you Behemoth of BF1.
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