BF1 Post-beta Interest Survey

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BF1 Post-beta Interest Survey

Post by matsif » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:24 pm

Now that the beta is over and there's been roughly a day to settle, us in the Senate would like to know your thoughts regarding us picking up BF1 for campaigns. Please fill out this short anonymous survey (link below). Pass it around to anyone you think would play with us but doesn't frequent the forums. This isn't a survey for stating whether you want to be a General or TA or what your history in GC is, it's just 3 questions (2 of which are optional) regarding an overall interest in BF1.

Our job in the Senate is to do our best to support the community playing the games you guys want to play, and due to the mixed response from many on TS we want to see how many are actively interested in pursuing this title. If you have any further comments that you wish to post below, feel free.

Survey Link
Responses Link

To address an elephant in the room, please answer the survey running on the assumption that we're actually going to be able to run a private server with enough control to facilitate our campaign style. Thus far, DICE/EA have not released any information publicly regarding how they are handling community servers. This is a glaring red flag that, should we get the battlefront treatment, would obviously make the game unplayable for our campaigns. However, given the Battlefield series is the core game of our community, we don't want to jump to the conclusion that the game is going to be dead for us before it is even released, so as stated please answer assuming the game will have at least the minimum server control required for us to run a typical campaign.

-GC Senate
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