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GCW: A brief history of SLOTH

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GCW: A brief history of SLOTH

Postby War Correspondant » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:47 pm

Strategic Logistics, Overwatch, Threats and Harassment was founded as a joint MI5-CIA taskforce during the 1945 War in Vietnam. The goal of SLOTH was to be a strategic covert operations unit to strike at the leadership of communist nations while affording the British and American governments complete deniability.

As an MI5 lead initative, the taskforce was assiged to the British operative known as "A Docile Sloth" with the CIA placing American "V_" as his second in command. The two were provided autonomy to recruite those who had the skill sets to achieve SLOTH's goals.

While their exact operations are classified, it is believed that intervention from SLOTH was key in bringing the War in Vietnam to a close so quickly in 1946.

While current operations are unknown, analysts claim that SLOTH is no longer under the control of the British or American intelligence services. Unconfirmed claims have A Docile Sloth leading SLOTH across the world in an attempt to bring a "New World Order". What this new order will look like is unknown.

Reports from American millitary officials in Vietnam claim that two unknown private military companies have been operating in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia since the outbreak of war three years ago in 1955. One of these is believed to be SLOTH, with claims of sightings of both A Docile Sloth and V_ leading forces. The other group is believed to be Ghost Eagle, lead by "Wi1d_K4Rd". Neither group appears to have aligned themselves with either the North or South Vietnamese forces but instead are apparently fighting against each other.
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