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aussie forces patch is out, new maps, helis and aussies!

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aussie forces patch is out, new maps, helis and aussies!

Postby Digz » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:13 pm

If you thought the Vietnamese voice was funny-racist-stereotyped to the max, log in steam and update your
RS2:V now. Aussie voices sound like trip wire just want to troll us all. serious, realistic shooter until a player talks near you. new feature: proximity Voip Channel! to go behind the enemy's back and say: pssst charlie before you melee em. I guess we will take a look at the new maps before officially baptizing them as ok for battle day, but be ready for new things in a game you all rarely play anyhow! (y)

bushranger patch: the war for cold beer in a hot jungle
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