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Rainbow Six: Siege

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Re: Rainbow Six: Siege

Postby V_ » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:12 pm

Thinking about picking this up now that the $15 Starter Edition is permanent. I've read that the grind is hard, but most people only use 10 or so operatives anyway.

Does anyone around here still play? Is the PC playerbase alive in general?
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Re: Rainbow Six: Siege

Postby Róka » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:34 pm

I stopped playing when BF1 came out but I'm itching to get back in (just waiting for new SSD to ship in since my 3-year-old HDD that had all my games failed).

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Re: Rainbow Six: Siege

Postby matsif » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:41 am

I play it in spurts from time to time, but frankly I get bored and annoyed with the game quickly. I haven't played in probably a month or more at the moment. just a general list of complaints in no particular order (spoilered to prevent wall of text):

Spoiler: show
  • ubi's servers might actually be ran by potatoes or malnourished north korean hamsters. connecting to the US East datacenter and thus on US East servers, my ping still hovers around 70-80 in most games. it's been like that since the beta over a year ago. for a comparison, I get half of that in overwatch.
  • the matchmaking is atrocious. in any given game you're guaranteed to have a minimum of 2 people with 170+ pings and there is no skill level taken into consideration when not playing ranked, which leads to a wildly inconsistent gameplay experience.
  • due to bad servers, hitreg is horrible. you get headshots by hitting people in the shoulder, but when you hit them in the face it doesn't register as a headshot. people on high pings and fast characters can and will kill you before you even see them round a corner or turn, similar to pre-CTE BF4. it's not uncommon to empty 8+ bullets of the higher powered ARs into someone's head and have all of the shots not register.
  • gameplay on the game modes that are actually fun becomes a camp fest really quickly.
  • bomb is nearly unplayable as a game mode because the defuser is really prone to glitching out and horrible map design decisions for bomb locations. the other game modes are amazingly better in terms of map design and don't have mechanics that bug out, but then become camp fests as addressed in the above.
  • every headshot is an instakill. even if it's a pistol through a wall or an SMG from across the map. due to the bad servers and hitreg issues, expect to be killed by absolute BS quite a bit.
  • of the 30 operators (should be 32 here pretty soon IIRC), only slightly above half are considered "good," and your team will fail if someone doesn't pick specific ones. thermite/hibana and thatcher are basically required for a reasonable attacker team, and rook and mute/bandit are basically required for a reasonable defender team.
  • the different operators are horribly imbalanced. GSG-9, for example, have stupid head hitboxes compared to the rest of the game, as their giant earmuffs are part of the hitbox. the spetznaz operators, especially the defenders, are on the weaker side of things because they are all slow and their abilities are easy to avoid for the most part. shield operators suffer from buggy shield hitboxes, leading to you getting shot through your shield and dying. meanwhile, every SAS operator is amazing.

that all said, the game can be really fun, especially if you're with a group of people who are communicating well. but most of its problems stem from ubi not really supporting it as much as they easily could. if they spent some money just on updating the servers to not be as crap as they are the game would be so massively improved that I'd go back to playing it a lot more. but until then, if given the choice I'd play overwatch.
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