Overwatch Open Beta

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Re: Overwatch Open Beta

Post by Divine-Sneaker »

Oh yeah that's right, I remember that from starcraft.

Regardless, I was mainly thinking the ping actually.
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Re: Overwatch Open Beta

Post by matsif »

I'm game. matsif#11641

dibs to show off my golden hammer
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Re: Overwatch Open Beta

Post by V_ »

Mine is BlackIce999#1822 if anyone's interested - I'm on PC, don't think there's any crossover.

I mainly play support, though I also tank a lot and I can Soldier in a pinch.
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Re: Overwatch Open Beta

Post by dan1mall »

im in, I usually play with divine-sneaker atm, but would love to catch up with you boys <3

We usually play on EU, but idm playing on NA:

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