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deus ex: mankind divided

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deus ex: mankind divided

Postby matsif » Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:33 am

in case anyone was on edge about getting this, I just finished it tonight.

it plays smoother than human revolutions, the story was less disjoined, and and with the exception of one major thing I thought it was the better of the 2 Adam Jensen games. any reviews about stability issues honestly are overblown, I had 2 crashes on the first day that were already patched out, and frames have been smooth as butter on all high with a gtx970 at 1080p on my crappy old AMD 8350. generally speaking it was a fairly solid release, a lot of people whining were probably trying to play on a 21:9 resolution with an underpowered system. the game looks really pretty as well.

the major thing I have issue with: it's short. I played through extremely slow and stealthy and all side missions and main story took me less than 30 hours of play time. haven't done the "bonus" mission from the season pass yet or touched the breach game mode thing, but how short the main story was by itself is off putting to me, especially having just come off finally finishing witcher 3 and the 100+ hours of play time that took (and technically I'm still not even done with everything yet there). I felt the story was just starting to get really engaging, then credits rolled, which was quite disappointing.

imo, pick it up on a sale if you enjoyed human revolution. it's too short to warrant a AAA+season pass price tag imo, and due to the season pass nonsense by waiting you'll get more content at a better price.
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Re: deus ex: mankind divided

Postby A Docile Sloth » Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:17 pm

Nearing the end and I think it's a pretty nice game. In the later levels (no spoilers) it rains bit and there is a thunder storm. It started raining here (and thundering) and my window was open. The smell of rain wafted in as the thunder clapped around me. Made the atmosphere so much more palpable.
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Re: deus ex: mankind divided

Postby CrookedBarrel » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:01 am

matsif wrote:imo, pick it up on a sale if you enjoyed human revolution.

I'll second this, though from the perspective of someone who's refunded the game because of performance issues.

Apparently people have had OK results with a GTX680, but my setup wouldn't run at a stable 60fps even with everything on the "Low" preset(At 1080p, though dropping down to 720p didn't seem much better).
Didn't help that the NVIDIA "Game Ready" driver dropped 20 fps compared to the one I had installed, but even rolling back it still didn't manage acceptable performance.

I say wait for a high discount sale a few months/patches down the line, in the hopes they've tarted this crappy port up a bit.
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