Week 2 Rule Changes & Clarification

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Week 2 Rule Changes & Clarification

Post by Gwynzer » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:30 am


Please be aware of the following changes or re-clarification to the campaign rules based on agreements between both armies leadership, going back to when we started doing meetings. Everything here should hopefully make it's way to the Wiki before next battleday.

- Jets drops are now ALLOWED in Infantry mode. The same rules apply - no use of the guns.

- Jets will get a "JETS JETS JETS" call from TAs, spawning in jets before this will result in a !kill. (Jets that start on the ground are fine to spawn in, such as Caspian Border)

- Artillery is NOT allowed in Infantry Mode

- AMTRAC is ALLOWED in Infantry Mode

- Server password will be the same all day, and picked by the TA group whose community has initiative

- Tags are being strictly enforced and having wrong tags on round going live will result in a player kick.

- Weapon Bans will be enforced via procon plugin, so kills for bad loadouts should be pretty immediate. I don't think it detects pickups, but you all already know they aren't allowed.

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