What is Standard Battle Time aka SBT?

In many instances you will see reference to SBT. SBT = Standard Battle Time. It is not a time zone nor is it related to an actual timezone, the Salomon Islands Time. Of course SBT is different for every time zone but it is also a constant that you can work off of. My SBT is 10:00 or 10am Pacific Standard Time - this is when I battle on Saturday. Yours is probably different. If I want to meet you at noon my time (PST), then I would refer to SBT+2. If you lived in central Germany or CET time zone, then your SBT would be 19:00 (7pm CET) so for you SBT+2 would be 21:00. It saves the math. Reference every time to SBT so there is no confusion. If you are still confused please ask for clarification.

Daylight Savings

As Global Conflict is a global community daylight savings changes at different times for members. This means some confusion can arise as to when a battleday starts. To try and simplify things we have set the following rules to follow.

  • When DST starts, SBT will change with the European time zone. (US players start an hour later)

  • When DST ends, SBT will change with the US time zone. (Euro players start an hour earlier)

  • Black Ops battles will change with their respective areas time zone. (EUBO with European and NABO with US)

Countdown Timer

The custom timer we have on our front page shows when battles are going to start and is auto-updated after every battle. It also has the most frequently used time zones listed and their respective battleday start times. This is the easiest way to know exactly when you are supposed to play. Be on Teamspeak at least 30 minutes before the battle if possible.

Note: During the Daylight Savings change over, the front page countdown timer may be an hour out of date for the black ops battles.

Battle Times:
Saturday: SBT to SBT+6 Tuesday: SBT+2 to SBT+5 and SBT+8 to SBT+11.
SBT = 10am Pacific, 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 BST, 19:00 CET.